Charity Burbage
Charity Burbage
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20 July, 1997[1]

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  • Mr Burbage (father)
  • Mrs Burbage (mother)

Professor of Muggle Studies[1]

Professor Charity Burbage (d. 20 July, 1997[1]) was a British half-blood witch and the Professor of Muggle Studies from September 1991[3] until June 1997[1]. During this time, she taught her students that wizards and Muggles had much in common, and that a world of mixed marriage was something to be desired, lessons that were scorned by pure-blood supremacists[1].

In July of 1997, Professor Burbage was kidnapped, tortured, mocked and eventually killed by the Death Eaters for her pro-Muggle writings and her support of mixed marriages between Muggles and wizards[1]. Among the Death Eaters who witnessed her execution was one of her only friends, Severus Snape[1].


Early lifeEdit

Charity Burbage was born to a Muggle and a witch or wizard[1] somewhere in Great Britain, into the Burbage family[2]. It can be presumed that she attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during her youth, and it is likely that she attained high marks in Muggle Studies throughout her education, given how she went on to teach the course in later life[1].

Teaching careerEdit

Sometime after her graduation, Burbage returned to Hogwarts, this time to replace Quirinus Quirrell as the Professor of Muggle Studies[1][3]. During her time teaching it, most students felt it was a soft option[4], although they were assigned long and difficult essays[5]. She appeared to befriend Severus Snape during this period of time[1].

Abduction and deathEdit

In July of 1997, Charity Burbage was kidnapped and imprisoned at Malfoy Manor[1]. She was kept hanging upside-down, gagged and unconscious, over the dining room table, where the Death Eaters held periodic meetings[1].

On 20 July, 1997, the Death Eaters held a meeting in the drawing room where Burbage was kept, in which they attempted to decide how best to abduct and assassinate Harry Potter before he was moved to a safe house later that week[1]. After stealing the wand of Lucius Malfoy, Lord Voldemort revived Burbage and, after mocking and torturing her, ended her life and fed her corpse to his pet snake, Nagini[1].

Physical appearanceEdit

Burbage had long, straggly blonde hair streaked with grey, and narrow blue eyes[2]. Her face was lined and her skin was pale, and following her death there was a large, bloody hole at the top of her head[2].


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