Wingardium Leviosa
Levitation Charm

Wingardium Leviosa[1]
(wing-GAR-dee-um levi-O-sa[1])



Hand Movement





Makes objects fly[2]


Jarleth Hobart (July 1544)[3]

"One of a wizard's most rudimentary skills is levitation or the ability to make objects fly."
Filius Flitwick[src]

The Levitation Charm[2] (Wingardium Leviosa[1]) is a charm that can be used to make the target fly[2]. It is the first spell a witch or wizard is ever taught[3].


The Levitation Charm was invented by a British warlock by the name of Jarleth Hobart, on 16 July, 1544[3]. He believed, incorrectly, that after centuries of wizardkind trying, he would finally be the one to allow for human flight[3]. Hobart invited a very large group of wizards, including the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, to witness his first flight, then sang the national anthem, gave seven speeches, climbed onto the roof of the church and jumped off[3]. After a few minutes, the crowd was disappointed that he could not move and he proceeded to strip, believing his clothes to be weighing him down (in reality they were holding him up)[3]. He fell, breaking sixteen bones and getting a fine for extreme stupidity[3]. He returned home and continued working until once again he invited the same crowd and used his charm on a number of objects, lifting the Chief Warlock's wig off his head and his robes over his face for a grand finale[3].



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