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Please note that, given how the wiki uses information from all seven books, all eight films and from J. K. Rowling's Official Site and Wizarding World, some information on here may be new to you. If you haven't caught up with all WIzarding World updates or haven't watched/read the final books, you may want to do so before reading, or else take caution when reading if you don't want to be spoiled.

Another important reminder is that this wiki writes everything in the past tense, even the epilogue, the events in which happen in September 2017.


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On 19 January, 2014, Pottermore released the second instalment of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which included chapters twelve (The Triwizard Tournament) to twenty (The First Task). New writing included "Beauxbatons Academy of Magic" and "Durmstrang Institute".

In April 2014, the House Cup was awarded, and Ravenclaw won; as a result, they were granted permission to view the final chapters of Goblet of Fire when said chapters were released.