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Mr Vernon Dursley is a minor antagonist in the Harry Potter franchise. He is the patriarch of 4 Privet Drive, the husband of Petunia Dursley, father of Dudley and uncle of Harry Potter[1].


Vernon was born into the Muggle Dursley family, a strictly upper-class family residing someplace in England, and was the younger brother of Marjorie Dursley (known primarily as Marge to friends and family). He attended Smeltings Academy as a secondary school, and declared that he had never gone hungry at the school[2].

Sometime throughout his life, he became the junior executive of an office in London, where he met his wife-to-be Petunia Evans, who had pursued a typing course there[3]. The two quickly fell in love, and he took her on a series of dull dates in which he expressed his very boring and very predictable ideas on the world[3]. He proposed to her, in due time, in his mother's sitting room, and she immediately accepted[3]. Her only fear was that he would hate her for her sister being a witch; this fear, however, proved to be unfounded when she confessed the truth during a tearstained date in his dark car, overlooking the chip shop where they had bought a post-cinema snack[3].

During the Christmas holidays in 1977, Vernon agreed to meet his sister-in-law Lily Evans and her boyfriend James Potter; this, however, proved to be a mistake[3]. James was amused by this overweight, materialistic and opinionated young man, which outraged the latter, and shrugged off any insults[3]. This infuriated Vernon to the point that he and his fiancee stormed out of the restaurant, leaving his sister-in-law and her boyfriend to despair[3].

Sometime in the summer, Vernon and Petunia were married; although they invited James and Lily, he refused to speak to either and continued to speak unkindly about them to other people, within earshot[3].


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