Wizardkind is a branch of humanity, a type of human that exists in an entirely politically separate civilisation whilst sharing a geographic space with their non-magical counterparts, who are known as Muggles.

Whilst mingling in Muggle society, wizards are required to dress as Muggles in accordance with fashion, climate, region and occasion[1]. They may reveal themselves to one another by wearing purple or green, or often both in combination[1]. Despite the law stating that they must dress as Muggles, wizards often either accidentally or intentionally misdress, wearing psychedelic loon pants or else their usual robes and cloaks[1].

Some witches and wizards, such as Arthur Weasley and Carlotta Pinkstone, feel that Muggles are equal to wizardkind, and are affectionate to them; others, such as Voldemort and, to a lesser degree, Hambledon Quince, suggest that wizards are far superior to Muggles[2].


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